Executive Due Diligence

Executive Due Diligence/Human Capital Due Diligence (Also referred to as Executive Pre-employment Investigations or Leadership Profiles).  Striker Pierce offers the highest level of due diligence to ensure your organization is hiring the right, top level executives and/or partners prior to making the costly investment of on-boarding.  Striker-Pierce provides its clients with full transparency on the executives or partners our clients are considering for top level positions.  Beyond normal records checks and nationwide court searches, Striker-Pierce uses proprietary algorithms to seek out potentially damaging social media posts, memberships, and social activity.  Further, Striker-Pierce conducts covert inquiries into an character, social interactions, and activities that would not normally become apparent in a typical background records search. Striker-Pierce has saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing them to make a clear choice on the right executive. – See more at: http://www.strikerpierce.com/due-diligence/ or call 571-451-4833 for a free estimate.

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