Private Investigation Services Offered at Striker-Pierce

Background Checks (Background Investigations): Background Investigations are offered for individuals, employees, tenants, domestic employees, and any other types of subjects requiring transparency. These are discreet and effective and are priced on a firm and fixed cost model. – See more at:

Professional and Personal Investigations:  These investigations are for private and personal matters including domestic issues requiring surveillance (in urban and rural settings), video and photo surveillance, information elicitation, and other actions. Our Case Specialists can help you customize your investigation to meet your needs and work within your budget and ours. -See more at:

Surveillance: Video, audio (depending on state law) and photographic surveillance is appropriate for any situation whether personal or professional. It is intended to provided the Client with a “Pattern of Life” to clearly understand what a person or group is engaged in when the Client is not in the vicinity. This service is completely discreet and does not leave a “footprint.” – See more at:

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